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Vice President Mike Pence made a campaign claim about America’s place in the world under President Donald Trump. But not many people are buying it. 

Pence and Democratic rival Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) ― the running mate of former Vice President Joe Biden ― campaigned in the swing state of Wisconsin on Monday. Harris met privately with the family of Jacob Blake, visited a training facility of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and urged supporters to vote. Pence attacked Harris for voting against the Trump administration’s new North American free-trade pact and accused Biden of “policies that have literally led to violence in our major American cities.”

But it was another line uttered by the vice president that received much of the attention on social media.

“I can tell you that after traveling to more than 30 countries as your vice president, America is respected in the world again,” Pence said.

Critics were quick to point out that the Trump administration’s botched response to the coronavirus pandemic had caused many nations to restrict or even ban Americans from entry lest they bring the infection:

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