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The Washington Post’s editorial board laid out in its latest column why it believes four more years of President Donald Trump will prove “catastrophic” to the country.

Trump’s White House “has conducted itself according to this philosophy,” it continued, noting its “devastating effect” on issues ranging from taxes and trade to defense, energy and intelligence.

The coronavirus pandemic had exposed the administration’s failings and the  problem is “bigger than one missing directorate, or one rebuffed scientist,” the board said, because “the response to this outbreak required coordination across agencies that have been systematically depleted, because they were full of experts.”

The nixing of research, the board added, meant “we cannot see the depth of Mr. Trump’s failures.”

The editorial concluded with a warning:

Another term could allow Mr. Trump to complete the demoralization, politicization and destruction of a workforce that was once the envy of the world: the American civil service, health service, Foreign Service and uniformed military. In everything from consumer safety to air quality to life expectancy, the results would be catastrophic. But there would be nobody left to measure them.

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