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This Woman Lived In A Cave Without Health Care While A Parasite Ate At Her Face

This article is part of HuffPost’s Project Zero campaign, a yearlong series on neglected tropical diseases and efforts to fight them. UTUT FOREST, Kenya ― For


Finding the Origin of Human Disease

We’re still trying to eradicate diseases that have plagued humans for centuries. References to malaria, for instance, have been found in recorded history in 2700


What Scientists Mean When They Say 'Race' Is Not Genetic

If a team of scientists in Philadelphia and New York have their way, using race to categorize groups of people in biological and genetic research


Update on Two Heroes Against Cancer and Hunger

There is some inspirational news to share as we close out 2014. During Thanksgiving week, I wrote about Lauren Hill and Natalia Marsh-Welton, two heroes


Nutrition Vital to Stopping Ebola, But Funding Is Low

If a child or adult is already weakened by malnutrition, they have far less chance of resisting any illness. So it’s clear that nutrition would